Monday, July 11, 2005


Kick-Boxing? And i thought learning martial arts in school was prohibited. Unfortunately, yes... it is banned. Today's Boxercising session was delivered in the manner exactly the same as Daryl's accurate misnominor. Unique exercise. Aerobics in a worse name. A sacrilege of martial art forms. Whatever. Somehow, i got the feeling that the school had just wasted a few thousand bucks hiring people to teach us to punch & dance with music. And its not even in tandem. You know, normal martial arts lessons are meant to be vigourous and steady. There is a specific way of kicking or punching that drives out all your strength in the move. At Boxercising, we were told vague instructions at that. sigh.. I guess i couldn't be helped with the immense numbers who attended. (in fact, i was surprised at the turnout) At the rate they're going, i wouldn't mind it if they replaced boxercising with mass PE. It'll be more varied, and we get to see the great outdoors. =)
Nothing really eventful happened to me recently. Just received word that we won in the SP tournament, Prefect's invest is today.....nothing much. Oh, Science Council should be holding its hand-over meet this week. ha! Time to pass over again soon.
tv is really distracting. I'll type more next time.... -_-"


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