Thursday, June 02, 2005

Space Cucumber!!

I had a really late night the day before today trying to gather astro stuff to read. Ended up sleeping at 4+ i think..sigh... Anyway,met for astro in school early this morning (around 8) with zhili,yyk,daryl & alan to discuss about the model we were suppose to build for the astro competition. Zhili had to disappear for CIP later in the day... O_o At first, the discussion was rather productive. Daryl was suggesting things like toilet rolls, wires, transparency films... Then all of a sudden, "The Orange" was mentioned. Our spacecraft took a turn to the market.. -_-" Cucumbers, grapefruit slices & celery stalks replaced commonpalce items as we pursued the makings of the world's first vegetable Mars Rover.. bleah.. amazingly, zhili thought it was a unique idea too! ha! (Personally, i was too tired to think of anything better..=) )
Went to see Speedy the Turtle in 7.2. after astro. It was a turtle left over from Sputnik camp. (yeah..yeah...the sole survivor of dissection class) Daryl tried to feed it soggy lettuce, which it intelligently refused to eat. Instead, Speedy, being the persevering turtle it was bred to be, decided to spend its energy on better things... like climbing out of the sink. Oh, poor Speedy probably got his left foot injured trying to escape too... sigh.. poor persevering Speedy. At least you didn't get dissected.
Daryl & yyk wanted to go to Macs at Ghim Moh to eat branch after that, but in the end, only Alan went. (and i heard daryl describe him as being really irritating) Alan Pouting?? O_o THAT, i've got to see.. haha!! Well, as for yyk, he heeded the call to band. And that left poor me to go home myself. That would've been the end of the story except that i was so sleepy, i forgot to press the button for the bus to stop at my bus stop! I just like... went to the exit, tapped my card & waited for the door to open..haha! No wonder i found it strange that almost everyone on the bus was giving me a weird look. Thankfully, the bus uncle was kind & observant enough to stop & open the door for me, saving me from potential embarrassment. (or mabe he didn't realise i didn't press the button too.. -_-") Haiyo.... trust me to be so absent-minded.
I set up a website for physics for my mum too. You can call it a tribute to 20-oodd years of physics classes! haha... Its at Also...if you wish to adopt Speedy, do let yyk know. ha! I think Speedy can be our class mascot!! wohoo!!


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