Sunday, June 26, 2005

Scone Party/Borders

Class party yesterday was much better than expected. Come to think of it, i don't know why i had such an adversion to the class party at the start. Hmm... Maybe because it wasn't publicised. Not even on the scone blog! =( Anyway, the turnout was much better than expected too. in total about 12-15 people came. Alan was the last to come at about 9+ when the whole thing was "supposed" to start at 4. (I didn't know that...) -_-"
Somehow, this party was a little different from the previous few in the sense that, more queer things happened. One was of alan and Nicholas challenging each other as to who could take the most unique/outstanding photo of me pretending to play the piano. Alan took this cool shot of my reflection off the piano which was rather cool. =) We also played mahjong and i was surprised to know that so few of my classmates know how to play it! ha! Weiliang and i took turns to teach the game. In my case, I was teaching lif, yee sen, daniel and marc? and i admit to never seeing such clumsy gamblers before! Its like.... without fail, tiles will turn inadvertably or fall off the table or someone would forget to retrive a tile before throwing.... haha... i had a feeling that part of those innocent "mistakes" were actually ruses to guess each others' tiles... hmm... It was interesting to watch nonetheless.
I went to borders earlier ytd too to pick up Chainfire, ninth book in the Sword of Truth series. *ahem* To tell the truth, i decided to buy the hardcover as i simply couldn't wait any longer for the softcover version to come out !! ahh... Anyway, the real pain was in my sis's wallet because i used her vouchers to buy it. hehehe.... "What are sisters for anyway??" =p I also spied the Da Vinci's code which i bought on a whim too. I dunno how i'll find the time to read so many books but they are truly interesting stories! =)
Sigh...Today felt like a rush, as if time knew this to be the last day of the June break and couldn't wait for it to end. On hindsight, i think i really didn't study much during this break. At the most, all i did was to tidy my things and give my mind a break. sigh... I don't really want the hols to end and yet, i wish school was here. Weird.....hope i don't go crazy.


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