Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Escape Theme Park

I woke up early today to go to Escape....and came back late with a sore knee. -_-" Well...maybe it wasn't that bad. For one, we had free admission! yay! The place was also cool and nice in the morning. =) We reached there about 10am (just when they opened) and tried the Go-Karts. All was more or less normal until i tried doing stupid things... namely, stunts. There was this steep slope portion of the track followed by a sharp right turn at the end of it. Well, being the enthusiasic dare-devil that i was. i tried accelerating on the slope. =p In order to compensate for the turn, i tried to skid the kart right. It worked....too well. I ended turning too much and faced the convex bend in the track without space to bank out of it. (poor thing the car could not reverse) In the end, i had to be manually turned to the track again. ha! Embarrassing experience but hey, it managed to earn glances (of admiration! *ahem*) & a day of laughter. =)
We went to a haunted house following that thrilling experience but ended up pitying the poor ghosts and gatekeepers who had to make gutteral noises & screams whenever people entered. I spotted this interesting shirt while in the queue. Honestly, i have no idea why anyone would ever buy it... It said something like.."WARNING: THIS SHIRT MAY CONTAIN AN ASSHOLE" -_-" It was worn by a small innocent-looking cute little boy, which made the contrast even more awkwardly apparent. Anyway, deciding to go for other family-friendly rides, we settled on what we thought was a motion simulator..... -_-" It was an indoor roller coaster. The ride jerked so much that I ended up tearing my knee. =( It still hurts now...
Our last ride there was on the Viking ship. It would've been our first had not some eager-beaver rode it & vomited the contents of his breakfast on deck. Still, it was euphoric. We went along with a beavy of girls who took turns screaming their hearts out during the 3-4 minute ride. Rides are enjoyable when the atmostphere is there. ha! I noted with pique, that another 7-8 year old boy appeared neither scared nor thrilled by the experience during the ride. (Later i found out that he was scared stiff...)
We went for lunch at the food court there and once again, i'll say.... .FOOD COURT FOOD TASTES WORSE THAN AT HAWKER CENTRES & THEY CHARGE AS MUCH AS RESTAURANTS. If anyone knows of any food courts that might just change my perception, do feel free to contest my view. And oh...We finally had pizza for dinner today! =) Not a bad end to a family-day.


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