Monday, June 20, 2005

Chalet & Med Checkup!

Heh... typing this while printing a whole set of notes for biomed that i "misplaced" some time ago. 160 pages in total! I hope my printer can take it. It'll really be well seasoned after this. *chuckle* Anyway, Had a great time over the last week. The chalet was big! And i realised that we were staying there 3 nights (not 2 as i originally thought) so i went on a mahjong cum bridge cum video game frenzy! Think there was 1 day where i slept at 5am! zzx was the best.... stayed up till 5 with me on 1 day, woke up at 10am, and didn't sleep till 11+ the day after. He looked really stoned during the last waking moments of his "no-sleep" marathon...
Oh, went for medical check-up on 14th June and met ZY, Gan,Aaron and many other acsians who-i-dunnoeverexisted there. It wasn't really eventful except for 1 part where Gan went to toilet just before we went for a urine test. ha! Poor Gan spent 30 mins drinking water before we finally convinced him to fake it by dipping the test strip in tap water. =p (same results what!) ha!
They used a totally dubious (from my POV) grading system during the checkup too. For example, they graded PES grades for dental standards & not for X-ray & hearing. My ECG graph showed that of a...i dunno... All Wayne Tan had was something like Sinus problem while mine had a whole long list of 6-7 ailments like "Incomplete right atrial-something-something" & "Left ventricular block-something". Coupled with a pulse reading of 58, i thuoght i was going to die young or something... However, all the doctor did was to frown at the ECG Graph, used the sthethoscope on me and grade me PES A for ECG. -_-" I think the whole thing is a hoax to show that the govt "cares" for NSMen. bah... weird... And oh... sorry yyk, i was too honest to use the calculator after the officer told us not to for the tests. =( Stupid thing made me feel like a primary school kid again because my Maths was really rusty.
The last part was....frustrating to say the least. They gave a 17-18 page questionnaire with thousands of MCQ questions asking you... "do you think Singapore can defend itself effectively in a war?", "Do your friends think Singapore can effectively defend itself in a war?", "do your family members think Singapore can defend itself effectively in a war?", "Do you think NS can respond effectively to a war?", "Do your friends think..." Its crazy lah! They gave an hour for the questionnaire but most of us gave up halfway, shaded answers randomly and finished the test in less than 1/2 the time.
The weekend just came and went again. Fathers' day was spent helping my dad cook lunch and dinner (and tmr's dinner) since we had so much leftovers from the chalet. -_-" Caught Rush Hour 2 today too, but i didn't really get the meaning to the title of the show in the end.
I'm feeling a weird anti-social streak these few days. Hardly talk to friends, hardly want to go out, hardly do special things. bah... must kick out of it soon. 1 week left to hols! so sad! But i'm really looking forward to seeing all my classmates again....(even those super annoying ones) *ahem..da-cough-ryl* ha! jkjk... have a blessed week, you guys! ^.^ Take Care!


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