Monday, June 20, 2005

Blogging again!

Hmm... thought i'd better blog because people were saying that my blog was becoming like this... X_X So yah... just found out that i missed a very good bio practice session today & that i'll prolly miss lectures tmr for biomed. Not a pretty sign if i want to pass bio for A lvls. Guess i'm just too ignorant of things around me too. -_-" Thank goodness i've great friends who are willing to help me! yay! That's the part of life that i like most about! haha!! *ahem* kk...must remind myself not to abuse my friends.
Nothing really special happened today, but tmr and day after will be fun. =) Making pizza for dinenr tmr. Day after, i'll prolly go Escape Theme Park with my cousins. ha! Hope it doesn't rain or anything.
Oh, don't miss Zoolympics! The Scones will be there tmr too! =) see ya!


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