Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Had chess today and it was a total failure... we were supposed to organise and practice for bridge competition on Fri but nobody did anything in the end. We were supposed to start discussions for a new committee but all we managed was to inform them of a selection next week... bah... Sometimes i wish i could jsut be a member again... I hate to lead... i'm too kind and if nobody wants to work without being pushed for it, then that's as far as the club will go... I hope the turnout for bridge will be fine.... I hope Star-Gazing will be fine too, but i'm skeptical. sigh...
oh...had Physics SPA today too...that went..erm... well, i guess... Only stupid thing i did was to draw lines at an angle for my table... -_-" My table really looked weird... (like a rhombus..) Hope i don't get penalised for it. =p
Anyway, should go prac my piano soon too, i guess... haven't been touching it regularly since Labour day hols..ha! (And now i'm looking forward to Vesak Day!!) Oh...looking forward to cooking too.... Go christine!! Make your Potato Suflay (whatever that is called..) =D


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