Sunday, May 15, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven

Wow, i never thought of life in that way before. You know, when you think of eternity in heaven, you start to realise how short life on Earth is. Just knowing that if loved ones are waiting for you at the end of life's journey makes paradise seem so much more to look forward to. I'm not encouraging massive suicide or anything but, rather, it makes believers (like me) desire so much more to lead loved ones to believe in Christ, that we all may spend eternity in heaven someday. Seeing that worldly death is temporal is a lesson christ wants to teach us and i'm glad that He showed JonK that to cope with life. Thanks for sharing this lesson with me too...

yay!! No more SPa for a long long time!! *or rather, no more in my entire life!* =) Anyway, bio SPa today was rather fun... we ended up doing ecology again, which was similar to the snails assesment we had. Bio SPAs are nice in that most of it is like a written assesment. Even skil Cs & Ds do not require you to do part of the expt before writing..yay! haha.. bet those SA students are turning a little green now. =)
After SPA, the whole lot of us, daryl,marc,jish,mich,vic,channy & aaron went to watch Kingdom of Heaven. I think the story lacked ultimate goal explicitly stated and it felt like the show was just squeezing conflicts from the show to add depth. (Kinda obvious from the 1st battle...the priest was too evil to the protagonist for no apparent reason) lasted for 2 1/2 hrs & i remember someone behind us whispering to a friend something like.. "when will it be over, hope it will finish soon.." ha! Catchy names & characters need not mean a good show...
The show ended around 1.30, after which Jish,vic,marc & mich went home. The reat of us went for cooking and we made tasty banana cake & cheese on toast & the rest is on scone blog so.... -_-" (daryl writes fast..)


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