Monday, May 23, 2005

I'm blogging again!

Once again, i've lapsed into my lazy self and skipped blogging for more than a week.... Not that i spent my long weekend fruitfully.... Spent most of it sleeping, eating and playing. bah.. I should be really worried that i'm not bothering about anything much in particular now. bah.. I guess its just me.
Anyway,just heard that my family booked a chalet from the 14-16th June (i think..) ha! Not very sure who to invite and what to do but i do know that PS & Xbox are real fun during such occasions. (So if you have them i invite you!) haha..
oh, i should be mugging soon...(haven't started! ha!) stupid astro quiz in June, Stupid BioMed quiz in July, Stupid A lvls in Nov.. bah... You know, sometimes i wonder whether it is possible to cram up your brain so much. I once heard that an average person only uses up to 10% of his actual brain capacity throughout his life! The rest of the brain space is for backup when brain cells die as we age or something.... I'm not so true about that myth but yah... its really cool to thin kin that light when you've so much to mug. haha! =D Oh, stupid Daryl made me out to be on the brink of madness again. It wasn't THAT BAD... I was just asking if you could take over me for the Zoolympic thingy... bah... I guess all Lit students tend to read too much into a situation. Anyway, hope you'll have fun there :D rmbr to bring a camera ha! =)


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