Sunday, May 29, 2005


Overall, i think i really dunno how to play frisbee..ha! Was runing around the field all morning having no idea what was happening at all. Maybe because of that, some senior scone became so agitated and played roughly. (ok..i dunno if its the same guy but..) He pushed me back while i was defending and tripped ZY. sportsmanship at all.
The game was also very draggy. 4 hours of frisbee is crazy lah. ha! But we managed to learn some new things like pooling, lining up, shielding.... I think Marc should've just come for the tutoring itself.
And oh...Jish sprained her ankle which was very unfortunate...Daryl, Christine & I went to the Office to pick out some bandages for her and Goei spotted the Deep Heat spray bottle!! haha... He didn't want to return it even after we treated jish. tsk tsk... The spray was really good though. I bruised both my hands trying to catch stray frisbees but after spraying some deepheat, the pain was gone! (on hindside, i think my hands went numb..) -_-" Anyway, we managed to bag 2nd place! I think if MArc had come, we would've won 1st. ha!
I'm finally going to update my blog links so yup... you can d/l the things here again!! haha! kk.... happy holidays!


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