Saturday, May 07, 2005

Chess & Bridge..

Wow.. i discovered that many of my links are not working because the source shifted.. great.. -_-" I'm feeling lazy, will shift them again later. Anyway, its so irritating lah.. was looking forward to cooking today, then Sarah msged to say the kids were not free last night. So i thought, "well.. its ok, i'll just go for chess then go home to sleep after that.." The next morning, ileft for SCF only to realise that the stupid event was postponed & they told my teacher via email! I didn't even get to hear anything about it lah.. even went to check SCF webby for news last wkend but none! so crappy.. sigh.. sorry ppl who dumbly came along with me... =(
Well, at least i've bridge competition to look forward to... it'll prolly be held after sch this friday. Planning good prizes for winners as well as everyone else. =p (So must join k?) Nich's going to plan the rules and make the announcement which i'm not to hopeful about....but we'll see... somehow i get the feeling nich's not enthusiastic about this at all & prolly just wants to do as little of it as possible, get the points and resign. I hate working with such people (I'm sure everyone else does too) but then, i may be just a little too preassumptious about nich... (he surprises sometimes..)
Then there's Astro!! haha! Daryl is fun to work with... he's responsible and confident about star-gazing even though at times both of us seem to know less about astro than the people who come watch stars with us.. =X It'll prolly be held week after this thurs. Hope sky is clear & the moon is up. =)hmm.. that gets me wondering too.. how do people working with me find me?? O_o well, i think i'm kiasu, lazy, that i worry too much & i'm calculative. Is that true? That description really seems weird.... =/
NAPFA next week.. good luck people.. good luck me. Hope i can pass and throw that stupid chin up bar in the bin.....


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