Friday, May 13, 2005

Bridge Challenge '05

Congrats to all who won in this sucky competition!! haha! I can't believe i had so much trouble organising it and its all over now. bah... UIt went well though. I doubt i could've done it had i soloed the event. (which i usually do for most things..) -_-" Thing was, nicholas was surprisingly capable and dependable. (told u he surprises..) Nich practically took the lead as a proper host and carried out the job in a relaxed fashion, despite the organising team being really short-handed. Well..hmm..who else... ah... Alan was happily taking down scores on his little file/board and jsut doing a great deal in supporting nich in the pairings & ZY... ha! Really saw the confident, reliable side of him today. =) Well..there are lots of other people to thank but i guess it'll be too boring to blog it all down. But in short, the competition was a success because of all of them around.
I just received word from the NUS team and (to my horror) realised that Astro Challenge '05 is not the easy competition where you just come, sit for the quiz, and leave. -_-" Its more like a series of brain-wrecking tests & mini team projects we have to go through... bah... just glad that my team seems capable. I hope Zhili will be able to help us through.
Well.. its finally the weekend. I'll prolly take time to rest a bit.. lots have happened during the past 2 weeks & its really fitting to reflect a bit on the incidents that took place. well.. till e next blog... =p see ya..


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