Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Blog Hunting!!

Yay! I went blog hunting again! Its quite fun but i realise that ppl usually find out blogs by asking ppl for their blog addresses. -_-" bah...that defeats the thrill of searching for blogs. I never knew that so many people in class like to blog!! ha! To date, i found hmm.... 9 people in class (including me) who have blogs! That's a lot, considering that Scones are considered the type who aren't really internet/computer savvy. I think blogs are a good way to express oneself more freely, away from the constraints of social barriers. Its a discreet form of communication with friends that lets others know much more about you than what you actually show them in person. (Scizophrenic may come to mind but it happens!) People are reluctant to express themselves freely.
Nothing really eventful happened today, except that we had Mr. Loo go through a portion of the notes that wasn't in the lecture set, so we had to copy like crazy. Oh...then Mr Wong T,Y make us copy like crazy for chem lecture after that too. -_-" Hmm...we also spent 1 phy prac period with SC3 (Ms Loke kindly allowed us to join her class) and learnt the use of lightgates + dataloggers. (Annoying Robs kept peering back incredulously fordunowhattoo..ha!) Overall, rather slack. A good week to end of term with. =)
Oh, lastly, Daryl was rather cranky today again. A reason he cited was something like... "I slept at 12mn yesterday!" Anyway, today's bit of laughter came when Daryl bought this new dish called "Mee ????" from the Muslim stall, ate it halfway & started fanning it, saying taht it was too spicy.. -_-" I know its lame but its Daryl so.... yah. I still think he'll do well in OM though...the judges will die of laughter before the skits actually start proper. ha! oh my...think i'm through with the "swanning" haha.... Haiz... with friends like me, who needs enemies??


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