Saturday, April 30, 2005

War Time Stories

Bah... .felt very useless today during cooking. Cooking Lasagna is something i ever had any inkling of. =( Well, at least i know roughly how to make it now. Besides that, today was kinda fast. Installed my chin-up bar (2 weeks b4 NAPFA) -_-" this morning..and i realise that i can only do about 3 pull-ups again. Then it was afternoon already. =/ weird...
oh, i also spent quite some time listening to my grandmother telling me her war-time stories!! ha! Apparently, i realised that my mother's grandparents were hawkers in sch canteens & (hehe..) my father's grandparents were rubber plantation owners!! ha! =) And oh.. i heard about the atrocities in China too... as my grandma said, girls were treated like property. My grandma's aunt bought 5 "daughters" to help her on the farm & then (i couldn't believe this, but its true..) gave her own daughter to my gramdma's parents because she had wanted a son!! Imagine how you would feel if you realised that you are unwanted by your own parents! sigh... poor life there, i suppose.
I realised that the Japs weren't all bad either. Though there were those who went on killing sprees, others were sympathetic, even kind, to be exact. There was once where my grandma fell ill after working 10 hour weeks (all days) for the Japs. When she didn't turn up for work, her friends were asked by a Jap commander on her reason for not arriving for work. When told of her condition, this kind commander took out 2 rolls of tablets and handed it to my grandma's friends and told them to pass it to her! That was one of teh memories she said she'll never forget. =) ha.. shouldn't be blabbering too much on my ancestry but wow.... i never knew my great-great grandparents were like that! ha!
Okies, hmm.. should i try making lasagna too? haha.. oh.. i'm arranging NKF song.. kinda bad but playable.. =) till next tims!


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