Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Tuesday to remember.. =)

First and foremost.... Happy Birthday Yun Xin!! =) haha..yup, may tons of blessings and happiness follow you this year and blah blah blah... It always makes me happy to be able to wish you happy birthday. For one, its a good indication that MY birthday is also coming soon.... (2 more weeks! bwahaha..) Anyway, happy 18th year on Earth, dear Earthling..
Today was a stupid day. Well, perhaps during bio, at least... For one, Ms Tang thought that "caprifoliacae" was Lifeng! =) I felt so honoured until she gave that "What?!" look. Sigh..poor me.. Next, SELF showed her violent side by throwing council keys right at jish during bio lesson "accidentally". (never thought she'll be so reckless..haiyo..tsk tsk...haha) Wei Liang's incident was really stupid!! He leaned his head back on Sergeoh's table for so long and was so insensitive that Sergeoh managed to scribble "idiot" on his forehead. Kinda reminded me of Yong kiat's experience with Line's blanko during Chem S just that this was really...sigh....*no comments*


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