Monday, April 25, 2005

Say Cheese...Cake!

ha! I argued with my dad for over 2 hours tonight over how to make a cheesecake!! =) Apparently, cheese cake is one of the most sinful things you can eat! just the biscuit base alone contains close to 50g of pure, unadultered, fatty butter! That's not even taking into account the gluttonous 16 ounces of cream cheese that went into a 3/4 kg sized cake tray. bleah... Its nice to eat though, so i'm not going to complain further.. =D
Today passed rather fast for a usual Monday. Esp when PE was frisbee. Its fun to run around and tackle people and all.. Think i got a little rough again. (I simply hate contact sports for that) Hope i didn't offend anyone though. =( I wanted to play badminton but the courts were taken by another class. I realised that my misery didn't end there... next week's Labour Day falls on Mon so no PE... then the week after is NAPFA... bah... If only i can do pull-ups. *grumble*
Tmr i'll be presenting for Science Council's Star Gazing night!! yay!! Hope the presentation works and that you all will not find it too lame.. O_o We'll see... ha!


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