Monday, April 25, 2005

Muffin Madness..

Great... If ever your life depended on pure white chocolate, DO NOT count on 7-11 having it. Just imagine my shock when i realised that they pack... 1) Cadbury's "dream" (white choco) w cookies 2) Nestle's Milky bar with cookies 3) Nestle's milky bar with almonds!! 4) KitKat's white choco wafer bar Other than these four tainted choco bars, there were none else with white chocolate! wow... I settled for the Cadbury choco in the end.. sigh.. I ingredient compromised...
Baking wasn't too bad. I had the benefit of a recipe & experience but treading to banana muffins was still fairly new. I guess i madea few mistakes. Added too much vanilla essence (Must've been influenced by the children cooking on Sat..) & too little banana. But then...I think the banana also gave the dough this rather translucent colour which was kinda errie when it rose.. O_o but that's besides the point.... Overall, taste was okies so i'm a happy Earthling.. =)
k, going to sleep now. yawnz! hope we'l get to do fun things tmr! ha! Nitez!


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