Saturday, April 02, 2005

Moon Gazing?!

. Hey, hope you all had a great week. My thursday was fun. Spent the day in sch till 2.30, then had Chem S, then Badminton recreation (in which Christine thrashed me.. =( ) then Moon Gazing!!...on a cloudy day.. -_-" ha! I think the most we did was to season the telescope taht day. Daryl & I ought to realyl spend time aligning the tele so that the preset functions can work.. bah.. we're lazy creatures...I guess for punishment, God (miraculously) took away my jacket & glasses. I still can't find them today.. =( . Today was a rather sanguine day too. Cozy light rain, "wonderful" morning SPA... Really made me look forward to seeing the optometrist who branished a set of 4 highly sophisticated 22nd century machines to test my eyes with. The only real harm it did was to my (parent's) wallet though. . Sigh, got to study for tests next week but i feel so unwilling. bah... Guess i'm really starting to reat on my laurels again. Pueh... =(


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