Sunday, April 24, 2005

Life, as it is...lazy

I haven't been writing for some time.. .guess its due to my laziness again. *ahem* Then again, hardly anyone spares time to write in blogs or emails now, unless it concerns work...Well, that's life. anyway, its good that i survived through last week. Thought i'll collapse and die after 5 periods of physics on Thurs, GP test on Wed, Math test on Fri & Bio SPA on Sat but fortunately i didn't. Still, the experience was..... distasteful.
And oh.. we did cookies and muffins (which strangely required both baking powder & soda) this week which turned out to be a success again! (hint hint...Sarah didn't come) =) Lifeng complained the cookies were bad, but i guess that was because they were all grossly out of shape. If only we had a mould or something... hmm.. The taste was good though. Excellant with milk & a good book in hand.
My good book turned out to be this Dan Brown book i finished reading at 5.41pm today. Lotsa religious ideology in the plot with a mesmerizing plethora of factual elaborations. It used cheem physics terms and bits of Italian too, which i felt was a bit overboard for such a story. (bah.. egoistic Dan wanted to show off his command of the Italian language.) -_-" Anyway, i liked the story, despite the headache it left me with.

I find that i'm sinking more and more into that state of wanting to do tons of things but never actually finding the will to do so. Its chronic.. i'm start feeling tired at the very thought of things like cleaning up my room, filing, doing hw, etc.. Hope i'll snip out of it soon. (Hope is a nice word to use here...) Speaking of doing things.. i'll see if i can muster up the will to make muffins tonight. Kinda wanna try making banana-chocolate muffins after all the hype about it since yun Xin first mentioned the word at the start of last year.. -_-" I'm thinking it'll taste nice though.. ha! We'll see....


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