Sunday, April 10, 2005

Happy Birthday!!

ahh.. My dad's birthday was today and i didn't get any presents ready! ahh.... Anyway, i followed Jialing's advice to bake something and tada!! =) I made Shepherd's pie for him! ha! (with some help from my grandma, of course..)
Well, it was comparable to the pies we made on Sat, but this time, we tried making with pork. I think the beef one was the best though. =) Mincing pork with a chopper was shaving stone. It was so difficult that i spent 20 (out of 55mins for the whole cooking) on it. And my arm aches now... =( I feel that it was worth it though. More than 1/2 the pie disappeared within 10 minutes of dinner..ha! (,")
Oh, we went for lunch at Crystal Jade too, queued for a while, a few corny jokes, but nothing really eventful. Well, that sorta sums up my Sunday. Just glad that everything went well... haha..


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