Saturday, April 16, 2005

Bittersweet days

Today was a bittersweet day and one of the most unpredictable of all my days. Well, events were bittersweet in the sense like..we were supposed to have mass PE, but ended up playing Netball (which i thought was fun) and ended up hurting my wrists setting the ball. O_o

That wasn't to bad though... We were dismissed early from Bio Prac, much to my amazement, because Ms Tang never did let us off that early from class before. Anyway, i thought that was good as i now could rush to hand up the consent form for my chess competition without the hassle of troubling my dad. But then,just as lesson was about to end, it poured. -_-" Braving the rain and making it to SCF at 4, i finally realised that their office opened at 6pm. (great..) I nearly broke down and cried at my stupidity there. I should've at least checked their office hours, but no! I had to be so arrogant to believe they would open the minute i stepped into Bishan CC. Resigned to fate and this being the last day i could submit the form, i decided to wait out the hours doing hw on an uncomfortable bench. Things, for once, took a turn for the better when around 5, my former sec sch chess coach spotted me and kindly processed my form. I gave him my warmest smile on my coldest day.

There are many ups and downs to life and sometimes, we may feel that we are the only ones suffering from all these tricks of nature. However,most of the time, it all boils down to how you look at a situation and react to it. It'll be good to note that others share these circumstances too. My friend consoled me after my frustrating episode and described her own tragic, embarrassing but inspiring experience of boarding the wrong car home. Just knowing that friends share your weaknesses really can lighten your situation and allow you to focus on not what went wrong but rather, what can be done with what you have. I guess through today, i have learnt a great deal more patience & understanding of not only my plights but also of how trivial most of them are. Be sanguine & conquer your bittersweet days.. =)


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