Saturday, April 16, 2005


Hey, I played Badminton again today!! =) heh, it is my first time in a long while that i actually went for Cell Group! (double happiness) Well, i'm aching all over now but the games were really fun. =p
Apart from that, i pretty much wasted my morn and early afternoon by sleeping. I seem to be developing a piglet,sleep,eat,sleep.... I slept for 11-12 hours today, which prolly beat my previous record for Sat sleep-ins. (i usually spend the time moping, gathering dust, baking or playing..) I guess its just normal for one to sleep more when he/she does more physical work. But if so, what about the old adage that exercise makes you sleep better, meaning you require less sleep to be fully awake again? O_o weird...

Oh, Lastly, I just can't get it out of my head!! Here's the outrageous story behind the composition of classical gas. Rather interesting. =p


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