Sunday, April 03, 2005

7 Deadly Sins

Hello Earthlings!!
have you people read about the 7 deadly sins today? Think i spent most of the day (aside from sleeping away 11 hours) comtemplating on it. Apparently Simin wrote an entire essay on one of them, Anger, on her blog, complete with life experiences! (wow) I think the closest i came to was being angry with my parents and trying to hurt myself to hurt them. Luckily i realised that i was acting foolish and nothing bad happened. A lot of things can be done in anger when you're not thinking straight. Best is to pause for a while, put things into perspective and use reason to act.
"Reason can be our only sovereign"
Oh, on to my interesting life today... I spent another futile hour (in my already short Sunday) liquidizing Pandan leaves to make an extract. Ok... accepted that that isn't the kind of sport you'll expect a 17 year old teenager of sound mind to do but i had a plethora of Pandan leaves!! In the end, i garnered 20 cubes of pandan extract which i dunno how to use. (think i'll end up making kaya or something...=/ ) Anyway kids, do not try that at home, try it in your neighbour's home. =D worse comes to worse, at least my kitchen smells of fresh pandan. yay!


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