Monday, March 28, 2005

Trudging ahead

A levels are coming in about 5 more months now. Its really been a fast paced year with a horrendous mix of work, leadership and CCA commitments needed at almost every juncture. Its fine time to just start reflecting on God and his wonderous gift of time given to us this REW. Have we spent our 84,000 seconds/day wisely? Now, when i think of time, 2 essential priorities come to mind. Relationships & self-cultivation. Till now, its been a real headache to strike a keen balance between the two, especially with the A lvls drawing so near. On reflection, its really surprising that i never saw relationship as a form of investment of time till this year. I thought friends were made and kept for life or till feelings naturally waned and died. I never chose to see it in a light of friends sacrificing time to spend bonding together. I guess that gave myself a rather bad reflection for not appreciating how hard friends tried to stay.. =( Treasure all your friends for they are the ones who will support you in times of need. Still trudging on, learning the meaning to life. "Live to be a blessing to others" Since last year till today, this has been my sole direction in living a life pleasing to God. I hope God gave you a similar message too. =)


Blogger Snowflake said...

Hiz, juz wanted to say that i'm touched by ur post today? Haha.. I'm weird.. anyway continue to seek God!

29/3/05 00:16  
Blogger Caprifoliacae said...

hmm..good to hear that. Anyway, its not that i've been following my ambitions religiously or anything. (If religiously could be counted by me for something at all) Its just a set yardstick which i have tried & will try to follow.

29/3/05 18:47  

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