Friday, March 11, 2005

SSEF & so on..

I should start a column on Daryl's quotes..hmm.. i'll deal with that later.. ha! Anyway, SSEF was torture. 3 days' worth of time to kill, 3 judges to present to and in the end, no prize nor mention. You just get the feeling that a part of your life had just been....wasted, that somehow, you didn't do your project justice. Although we prepared for almost all forms of questions from fuel cells to Schottky inperfections, all the judges seemed interested in were in irrelevant things!! The 1st one just asked us about our career plans, our ambitions and so on.... Some kind of judging.... =/ In the end, SSEF became a great time to play cards & com games as well as trade useless abstracts with each other. Quite a cool event after all, i guess... Today's Founder's Day was a hectic rush compared to the mind-numbing SSEF experience. After the ceremony (which i felt had just too many monotonous citations), we had reception, Sterling lectures & NKF donation slots all falling at the same time! Interesting thing was, i managed to go for all 3! ha! From what i heard, the Sterling lectures were great! however, sometimes the old adage that seeing is believing holds truer. In this case, it did. Our lecturer went at a snail's pace on what constitutes a car body,etc and then going on to explain in great depth, the mechanism of how air bags work, how ABS works and you get the idea... sigh... it was so boring i had to excuse myself from the room by faking a phone call & wash my face. -_- The NKF charity was no better, i believe. Apparently, they gave us the finest postcards in the world, gilded in gold & platinum to sell, and that i reckon because the cards were fixed at an incredible price of $10 a pack of 5! wow!! I guess i can feel good in that my feeble attempts to sell them resulted in 1 card (NOTE, not 1 set) being sold! (yay!) And oh..that had to be given forcefully to a kind lady who would've been equally happy or happier WITHOUT the overrated card. I also managed to fleece ~$6 from some poor unfortunates around Suntec which undoubtably added to my delight. =D Ok, think i said more than i should, but then again...its to make up for my entire week of inactivity. Happy Hols ahead! i've got MINDS tmr.. hope they won't give me some national heirloom to sell at an outrageous price too... i'll prolly faint.....


Blogger yyknosekai said...

I see, so that's why you left half way.

haha! Good faker! Um, um, excuse!

Haha. Doesn't matter. Happy holidays and take good care.

12/3/05 17:04  
Blogger Caprifoliacae said...

heh.....same to you!! I'll prolly be playing and playing and playing... (even if i'm not supposed to..) =)

13/3/05 19:39  

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