Saturday, March 05, 2005

Red Blue Gold Saturday...

I can't believe that Saturday is over!! Well, it just goes to show that time really flies when you're having fun. The morning was spent in Leonard's house discussing on how best to save our SSEF project, which is due for exhibition next tuesday. Through our thorough discussion, i realised that research projects are bad competition to DOTA. AJC is holding a DOTA competition on tuesday too and Leonard was going to take part! (Crazy guy) And moreover, do schools actually allow such things? I mean, the computer club members who are in charge of this competition actually can claim CIP points for the event!! O_o hmm... why doesn't AC have it too... (hint hint..) Hitch wasn't too bad, or perhaps, by 4.40, i was so bored that any low rated comedy would suffice to humour me. The central theme revolved around deliberately making opportunities for guy to meet girl, or guy to impress girl. I would venture to say that the idea was new but. what it lacked was significance... It was fun to watch though.. =p last, Red Blue Gold dinner!! In summary, SCone didn't win the flag again. sigh.. I guess perhaps its a good thing. The price hit $530 when it was sold to 27th Student's Council. Lotsa interesting things happened too. Alex came in red hair, Aaron fm jr class tried to light up the table cloth, michelle shopped for a pair of fuzzy slippers which she showed around & Sarah was acting like Sarah by taking a plethora of photos & then losing her camera. The food wasn't too bad too, except that the bo bo cha cha looked exactly like a gluttonous broth of pure cholesterol. It had so much coconut milk that some of it curdled at the top lah... and oh.... some great singer cum pianist performed for us during the dinner. He sang 3 songs better than their original composers, to my thinking. Got me wondering whether talent is naturally inherited or nurtured... sigh.... Oh lastly, Amazing Race 05. 18th Mar, at school from 9am to 3pm. SMC members do tell me whether you can come or not..thankew!! =)


Blogger yyknosekai said...

Heyy! One more week left to holidays Marcus! Press on!

And SSEF will probably be a success if you persevere!

And Jared! What's TEX?

And I guess Marcus, people like me have too much free time so yeah, this is another form of wasting my own sweet time when I could be doing something else like sleeping.

In any case, hey, use comments! Stop the tagging mentality! It's not good for health! Stop this mindless herd instinct, and stop living like mechanical cogs! Stop!


It's the end!

Oh boy, do I sound like some prophet.

Which brings something to mind; how long can I actually comment?


Bringing over the earlier notion from the previous comment I made, this has potential for me blogging within someone else's blog.

Not bad. Good prospects.

Haha. Ok Marcus, this is YOUR blog, so if you don't like me doing this nonsense just say it.

Sorry if you're miffed.

But it's all in good cheer!

Take care Marcus! And stay happy!

6/3/05 09:09  
Blogger Caprifoliacae said...

ha! you're welcome to crap in my blog as much as you like.. (so long as the blog doesn't jam from overspamming.. its like my "jiu xiao yun wai" place btw... =)

I've no preference for adding crotchets or pinning up notices.. its jsut that, the tag board has less space so more vociferous comments should be written here instead.

And oh.. i DO read ALL replies!! I'm jsut like you yyk... i like to waste time even though i have a Bio SPA, GP test, SSEF, chess, Stering Lec, Founders' day, CIP commitments and BR Carnival to go to next week. YES, you can say that again.. i'm so dead.... =)

Thanks anyway yyk, for keeping my blog active. I forgot to link you!! ahh!! haha! soon...soon..

6/3/05 11:17  
Blogger yyknosekai said...

Oh no, please don't link me or anything. It's not you but I just want to be kept private.

Thanks for being understanding Marcus.

Keep on striving for what you believe in.

God bless.

6/3/05 18:53  

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