Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Founder's Day

Rating: Unevenful This was the 1st event i went for which used inferior quality balloons...they burst so easily! The ACSians were really rowdy too. (but that's to be expected) No matter, i still managed to sleep through 1/2 the celebrations somewhat peacefully. Oh, i heard it was some junior's birthday. Well, happy birthday to you and happy living out the other 344 unbirthdays through the year. (if its not your birthday, then it has to be your unbirthday. it makes sense to use a negative that way..) I'd also like to thank you all for writing out all your sweet, cheerful, inspiring (and any other superlative) comments on my blog!! You're all free to graffiti as much as you like! =) It just makes the webby messier and more Conspicuous! Describing it as an "eye-sore" has never taken on a more positive connotation!! wow!!


Blogger yyknosekai said...

Hello. I'll never use the tagboard! Never! You hear me? NEVER!Ok maybe if I'm really feeling lazy one day I will.

But bwahaha. Never. For now at least. Hey, you got read comments or not?

Answer me! Yeah! You, young fellow.

Mmhm, can I start blogging here?

Ah, the possibilities. Unless I've misconstrued it all.

And sigh. Marcus I'm tired.

Dinner calls, the food beckons.


So amazing right?

I hope this entertained you or something.

God bless. Take care, always. Whee!

2/3/05 19:07  
Blogger Caprifoliacae said...

Oh man.... I'm beginning to understand. People who blog will crap in other people's blog so that they'll never feel left out... Its just a perfect new community for us to waste time, type and take up web space. sigh.. if only doing this is substantial... O_o

2/3/05 20:42  
Blogger Jared said...

Crap? I beg to differ, dear friend.

Why am I 'The Phau'?

Sounds awfully presumptious, don't you think?

I should be 'The ONE and ONLY Jared Phau!' (with the exclamation mark), or 'The Phau who is the ONE and ONLY Jared Phau!!' (with the double exclamation mark).

Alternatively, I can use mathematical notation, but those without TEX won't be able to read it.

2/3/05 23:23  
Blogger yyknosekai said...

um, what's tex?

6/3/05 09:04  

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