Friday, March 18, 2005

End of hols..

Amazing race wasn't really as fun as i imagined it to be. Partially, i believe, due to the unusually hot weather. (At least it didn't rain) Through this unforgetable bonding event, i made friends with a total of..... 2 new J1s!! (wow...) Dennise (a guy k! Pronounced as "dennis"), is a soft-spoken Indonesian who (amazingly) speaks perfect english. :) Tushar, on the other hand, is more extrovert, and plays basketball like a pro. Of course, basketball by MY standards is flawed, partially depicted by my inability to strike a basket once in all the 20-odd shots i made today. =/ Chess indivs this year wasn't as rewarding as in my past years. For once, i let prizes slip by me. However, ACJ did okies overall, clinching a 4th for girls and 3-4 people in top 10 in BU20 section. (i think...) Oh, i'm still sick so i shouldn't talk too much. Till next time, lonely online blog./diary....


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