Sunday, March 27, 2005

Clutter Concept

I wanted to put up a Good Friday post but then my blogger shut down halfway and i decided not to retype again. sigh.. Weird things happen when you can even get a job through it... =/ Anyway, on Friday, my family went to cart home our 5th Fridge from our grandparents! *ahem* That brings our collection to 5 fridges, 8 air-cons, 3 washing machines, 5 televisions, 5 stoves & a plethora of clocks in our living room, all showing diferent times! Once again, i like to express how fortunate i am to be the inheritor of all this...eem...assets. Oh.. I just realised that i haven't had a single formal PE lesson for a month now! now i'm feeling all lousy and fat again.. Great.... Hopefully i can sue the school for this deprivation. After all, peopel HAVE sued Macs for making them obese. (Another reason why i'm boy-cotting it this year) I'm so looking forward to next week's PE..sigh.. hopefully we'll get to play badminton or something..=/


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