Monday, March 21, 2005

Behind time...

Whoa! I stepped into Good Friday week without even knowing! Its just so rare to see this sacred occasion fall on a March day. Anyway, the concept of school reopening didn't really quite fit in with my holiday philosophy of slacking, playing (or in this case because i was sick,) eating and sleeping. I realised that i'm now hmm... 3 Math, 2 Phy, 2 Chem (strangely 0 bio) tutorials behind my tutors. I would've said "class" instead of "tutors" but then saying "class" would be typing a direct lie. =) I'm honest even if i'm lazy... A consolation to this week is the dropping of chinese! yay! Ok...maybe i'm not so proud of my grade after all... Chinese periods are steady being replaced by what's called "supplementary classes". These are basically peroids for other subject tutors, who feel our class genuinely prefers to study 120 extra minutes on days, to use to "entertain" our class. Sigh.... i hate school life... but wait... i guess i hate any other life other than that of a teenager on vacation.


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