Sunday, March 13, 2005

Amazing Race!!

Today was my first time in church after a..hmm.. 2 month break? =X *ahem* ya.. i know it isn't a very salubrious sign, but well, at least i went. Anyway, the sermon was on love for people and pastor spoke of people who are afraid to love as loving makes us vulnerable. To give your heart to something is to accept the risks involded, like if circumstances do not proceed smoothly. Really got me wondering about myself again. O_o Oh, well, back to this blog's subject. I've so far come across 3 DIFFERENT Amazing Races this week! Let me list them here.... 1) Interact Club (held last Sat) 2) Science Council (held this Fri) 3) Some Church in Tampines (Today!) Wow..isn't it amazing that we've so many Amazing Races?? Our creativity on names really doesn't seem very forthcoming... =) Oh..lastly, MINDS was wonderful! Nick gave me a free rein to shout, scream & simply go hyper at those poor people. We took nice photos, played interactive games & simply had a great time. Only thing was that it started at 2 and we arrived at 8am. That i blame on kiasu organisers (psst..including jish & mich) Hope all of you who went for Br carnival enjoyed yourself. I went at 6.30pm... O_o


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