Thursday, March 03, 2005

ACS BR Carnival 2005

I'm not in a very good mood right now. Slept away most of my day even though it was an early one and i woke up only to discover that tmr's SMC meeting is temporial....I was told about it but no one's acting on it. 2 bosses out of my 4 in SMC tell me antagonistic information. O_o Of course, tmr's not a happy day either. I think people want teenagers like me to die young. Bundling 2 SPA assessments, a friday the 4th (4 is chinese is synonimous with "die") and release of chinese AO results must've really seemed like a wonderful idea to teachers to cope with the aging population problem issue in our generation... Ok, its official now.. BARKER CARNIVAL 12th Mar, 9-5pm at the posh campus of ACS BR. Now here's your chance to ruin a 100mill building in a day! Go for the experience of splahing white whitewash with all sorts of F&B. Go ahead! Invent your own accidents!! Invent your own excuses, just for a chance to let the school have a reason for extracting more govt dollars to renovate itselfl! It's a favour no ACSian should be turning down for sheer LOVE of the school! =) study for SPA now...


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