Wednesday, March 02, 2005

2 weeks left....stress..

Happy Birthday Jonk!! Happy Birthday Dave!! how you all managed to get so many friends and families to celebrate your birthday, i'll never know... =) (You guys are truly surprising and capable... keep it up!) Anyway, thanks for letting me join in the fun and all.. Hope you guys enjoyed your day today. =) Wish you all the best in your future endevours! Just submitted the entry form for Chess. Sigh.. hope that the club will be able to win something. Ever since Luke, Chris and all the other great players left..... sigh.... poor club.. =( I jsut can't wait for the March hols to come.. It'll mean the end to lotsa stress for me (with SSEF, SPA, CL results & chess comp going...) =p but it'll prolly just be another short term reprise from the drudgery of A lvl study.. sigh... Great, i'm sounding pessimistic again.... hmm...okies, back to piano now.... till next time..


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