Sunday, March 06, 2005

1st Sunday

Wow.. my blog is already 1 week old! Time really passes.... and i guess that can be examplified in how i spent the whole day proof-reading my SSEF poster-to-be documents. It really made me rather frus about how badly a warm sunny sunday was spent. And oh.... my dad fell ill too. O_o BUT....ahem.. sorry for all you SC2s & SC9s, my dad is still coming to school. He's so enthu about getting a gift for a perfect year without taking leave!! (Heard that there was a gift involved) =X ha! Those reading this blog better NOT tell my dad i said this..haha.. Apart from that, nothing really new...cept this new logo which i designed for SMC's Amazing Race.. i'll be pasting it on the notice board on monday....its quite corny... i think Sarah's going to scold me again. =/ But then, i guess that's better than the way she's ignoring me now..sigh.. .so sad... well, look forward to school! Last week before holidays.. yay!


Blogger yyknosekai said...

Don't fret.

8/3/05 04:43  

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